IMG_0338 (1)Hi Everyone,

My name is Cherie Burton from Abbeville, LA.  That is in the south central part of the state deep in Cajun Country.  However, I don’t know any Swamp People.  I’m just a simple girl who enjoys the food and culture.  I’ve been living here since 1971.

I learned to sew from my Mom who is an excellent garment seamstress.  However, it took me lots of years before I purchased my own sewing machine.  I relied on her for all my sewing needs so I never needed to.

I’ve come to like quilting and I’m starting a blogging and quilting journey.  I intend to document my quilting craft to encourage others to share their ideas with me on how I can increase my knowledge and skills.  I hope you will join me on my journey and together we can learn things.