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With the Holidays fast approaching I’m needing to make a few gifts for my friends and family.  While on my vacation to MSQC back in September I attended a demo by Vanessa with Lella Boutique.  She was making some cute pincushions.  As a bonus, she was giving away these mini charm packs of her fabric line and the pattern for free.  Free is one of my favorite words.  She ran out of the patterns before I received mine so when I returned to my hotel I contacted her through her website and she graciously emailed me a copy.

MSCQ mini

Each pack is enough to make three pincushions, so I’ll have two to give away.  I collected all the supplies and got to play.


Vanessa recommended ground walnut shells for the filling so I hopped on the internet and found some from Amazon.  If I recall correctly it was about $10.  There is enough in the bag to fill all three of the pincushions.

After separating the pack into the color choices for each pincushion I followed the cutting instructions from the pattern.  I hadn’t worked yet with such small patches and was a little worried that if my sewing might be off how it would affect the results.  You can see below some of the small pieces I cut and was putting together.


But once it was all said and done, I don’t think I did a bad job.  I hope someone will be happy with the gift.


Well that’s all I have for now.

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24 thoughts on “Pincushions

  1. Those turned out pretty cute. The gift recipients are lucky to receive a useful gift made by caring hands. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family. I miss the oyster cornbread dressing my dad made. It always brought the taste of home to the holidays when we moved away from Louisiana. I’ve tried,but just cannot match the taste. He must have had a secret ingredient. 🤔


    1. Hi Gywnette, I wish I could share that ingredient with you, but I only eat oysters one way and at one restaurant.  Are you familiar with oyster’s rockefeller?  It is charbroiled in butter with parmesan and spinach on the half shell.  It is the best.  My cornbread dressing is made with a meat stock from a local meat market.  They don’t put too much chicken liver in it.  In small amounts it enhances the flavor and  I can pass it off with out anyone knowing about the liver.  I can also make a rice dressing with it so I usually go back and forth between.  I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.  We all have things we are thankful for.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  2. Hi Cherie! I’ve missed you, friend. These are SO darn cute. And those little pieces! Your friends will adore these, and they are very thoughtful and useful too. Happy Wednesday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Hi Roseanne, Those little pieces were a challenge , but I’m glad it worked out in the end.  From time to time I have to unplug fro my devices and take a break.  It gets overwhelming and/or I neglect things that I shouldn’t.  I think now I’m back on track and all is well.  

      Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey

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    1. Hi Christine, I find those shells worked very well, but really haven’t tried anything else yet.  So I really don’t have anything to compare them to.  Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Thanksgiving.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  3. Wow, such tiny piecing on these sweet pin cushions! That must have been a challenge. They are really cute though. I love using the crushed walnut shells. They give the pin cushion a nice weight to it so when you take the pins in and out, it stays put. I like that! Happy Thanksgiving Cherie.


    1. Hi Bernie, Yes the small piecing was a challenge.  I think I’ll try to stay away from that except for these sort of projects.  I hate to try to do that on anything bigger than a pincushion.  The shells do have a nice weight to them and worked out perfectly.  Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Thanksgiving.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


    1. Hi Karen, Sorry for the delayed response.  I’ve been kind of caught up in the Holidays and stepped away from the internet.  Thanks for visiting my blog.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


    1. Hi Becky, Sorry for the delayed response.  Been busy with the holiday.  Now it’s over, I have time to read.  I’m glad you like them.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  4. Oh these are so cute-love that little heart! Thank you for leaving me a comment again today on my blog. If you don’t mind shoot me an email addy and I’ll put you into my address book for the future!


    1. Hi Vicky, Sorry for the delayed response.  It was hectic here for the holidays.  Things are back to normal for now.  I hope you can grab my email address from here.  If not let me know and I’ll send it another way.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


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