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October 2018 OMG

Hi Everyone and Welcome to My Blog,

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I took a road trip to MSQC for their 10 year birthday bash.  I had a great time.  I saw some demos, watch the hilarious cake walks for prizes, and  looked all over for a photo-op with Jenny or Rob.  Well, I didn’t get that photo I so desperately wanted.  The funny thing is that the only time I saw them that I might have been able to get a picture was when we were driving back to our hotel.  So I said to my husband stop, Stop, STOP the car!  I need a picture for my blog.  He looked at me like I was a nutcase and said too bad.  I could have jumped out of a moving vehicle, but thought better of it.


I have to tell you that I’ve never seen so much fabric in my life.  The main words out of my mouth the whole time was ooooh and aaaah.  In nearly every store there was bins of fat quarters each were $1.  So I increased my stash with a few of those.  I picked up quite a few fat quarters while I was on my shop hop back in August, so I can see a scrappy quilt in my future.  One of the shops on the hop gave me a free pattern that I’m inclined to put on my to do list for the future.  Here’s the fat quarters I picked up in MO.


I also picked up a lovely fat quarter bundle that I can see a future quilt from.  I just love the greens and purples in it.

MSQC FQ bundle

One of the demos I saw was by Vanessa with Lella Boutique.  She shows us how she makes her Mini Open Heart Pin Cushion.  She gave us the pattern for free as well and a mini charm pack of her Garden Variety fabric to make the pin cushion.  I guess this will also be on my to do list.  Boy, that list is getting overwhelming.

MSCQ mini

Another demo I saw was by Terri Degenkolb.  She was showing us her applique technique that she used on her Going Places Quilt.  She had the quilt with her and I must say it was stunning.  One day when I try my had at applique I will have to try that.  She gave us a charm pack of here Road Tripping fabric.   I’m not quite sure what to do with this one yet, but I’m sure something will come up.  Maybe place mats or a table runner for a friend who has a camper.

MSQC Charm

And finally, I received gifts for my purchases from MSQC.  A couple of charms, 500 quilters cash points, and a bag to hold fat quarters.  I believe I probably need a few more to hold all the ones I have, but this can help me organize a few of them.

MSQC bag.jpg

Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m back to working on my Nostalgia Twist pattern test.  I finished another row, but was unable to hang it up and take a picture due to the weather here.  It has rained every day for at least three weeks.  When I say everything is wet, I am not exaggerating.  The grass is out of control and once it dries enough to cut, I will probably have another pile like this from last year.

grass pile

I guess all this rain is better than a hurricane.  We have been lucky so far in my area.  Once it cools off we will be out of the woods, but I am heart-broken for the ones on the east coast who are recovering from theirs.  I know how devastating it can be.

My goal for October is to work on the next row of blocks.  I only have two rows left so I am starting to see the end of the tunnel.  However, this row takes seventy-two blocks.  I don’t think I can do all of them this month so let’s say I complete at least half of them.  Here’s a picture of one of the blocks I finished yesterday.

Star block

I’m linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.  This link up every month really helps me focus of accomplishing something every month and keeps me on track.  Otherwise, I’d probably be all over the place.

OMG 2018 October

Other linky parties I usually participate in can be found by clicking this link.  Please visit them and see what others are up to and  leave some comments and encouragement.  There are many bloggers out there who share their tips, projects, and tutorials to inspire us.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.



21 thoughts on “October 2018 OMG

  1. Hello Cherie, It sounds like you did have a wonderful time on your trip and the fabrics that you came home with are beautiful. Have a great time making all of the projects that you plan on making! My list is so long, I will be quilting every day for another 60 years and somehow, I just do not think that will be possible. LOL. I sure will try though. How about you? Looking forward to seeing more on your special quilt that you have the 72 blocks to make. I just forgot the name, sorry. Well best of times sewing and have a fantastic day!


    1. Hi Brenda, Every quilt I like I say I must do one like that.  Problem is that I like all of them.  I can see that I’ll never finish my to do list also.  We had a great time on vacation.  I want to go back when it is not so crowded though.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  2. You could also alternate a solid block with a pinwheel. So glad to hear you had a blast in Mo. I’m crushing on the green and purple fq bundle too. I’ll have to go check it out.


    1. Hi Denise, These blocks seem to be coming together pretty quickly.  I’ll have to see how I feel after I get through half of them if I want some solid blocks.  But I really like these pinwheels.  I keep putting white in the center by accident because all the square patches are white, so I’ve colored that patch on the pattern blue to help remind me.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey

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  3. You came away with some fabulous fabrics! What fun that must have been. I read so much about it, and I’m so glad they are 10 years into the business and it has grown so much, for them and for the town. Good luck on making all those stars!


    1. Hi,   I get their daily deal email everyday and have bought a couple of them so far.  You get this great confirmation email to your purchase.  Something like the fairies are working hard to get it together and off to you.  I think it is a great place ran by great people.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey

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  4. Hi Cherie! What a newsy note. I have always wanted to go to MSQC but haven’t made the trip yet. It certainly sounds like going during the bash was worth it with all the demos you got to see. I love that Road Trippin fabric. I’ll have to check that out as I want to make something with bikes. Your star block looks wonderful – your points look just perfect to me. You need to make 71 more blocks like that one for one row? WOW! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. HI Roseanne, I had a very good time at MSQC.  So much to see in so little time.  The good points on the block are due to paper piecing.  The quilt I’m working on is built around the whole quilt.  So the 72 block will go on all four sides.  They seem to be going together pretty quickly.  I’ve already finished 12 of them.  I’m on track to go beyond my goal if I can keep it up.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey

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  5. Sounds like a good plan for the month. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!


    1. Thanks Patty,  I’m anxious to finish this quilt top.  Hopefully I will go over my goal with the blocks this month, but in case something comes up I wanted to make sure I could reach it.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey

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    1. Hi Becky,Yes, it was a lot to take in.  I had a great time though.  See you tomorrow if you’re still going to club.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey

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  6. So you weren’t up to jumping out of a moving car for that picture?? Haha, I bet if he was going slow, you’d have been tempted! What a fun experience – love your fabric choices. The purple and green fabrics are so pretty. Good luck with your OMG for October. I am so far behind on projects. I need to sit down and make a plan to catch up.


    1. Hi Bernie,  We were going pretty slow at the time, but the look on his face said he might not circle around the block to come pick me up.  LOL.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  7. What a fun trip! It’s on my list to see someday, but I do fear it’ll be overwhelming. You’ve got a great goal for the month! You can do it. Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.


    1. Hi Jennifer,   We had a great time, but you’re correct it was overwhelming.  I’d like to go back at a time when there is a slower pace.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


    1. Ha, He not too bad.  He did come with me to the Birthday Bash.  I even got his help yesterday ripping out a big mistake a made on this weeks project.  You’ll see the project once I get it in a blog post.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


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