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August OMGs Achieved

Hi Everyone and Welcome to My Blog,

Early this month I wrote about the goals I’d like to achieve here.

OMG 2018 blog logo August

There was three of them.  None of them were very courageous.  Mostly they were catch up items in order to keep up with obligations I signed up for.  I was feeling that I had put too much on my plate and I wouldn’t be able to finish them on time.  I’m short of finishes this year because of this.  Well, I’m glad to say that I’ve pretty much caught up on most of them.

My first goal was to make my July and August block for my Quilt Club’s BOM.  The Pinwheel Roundabout.


These two were done and now I have eight blocks done.  Here they are.

August Block



My second goal was to get started on my blocks for our Block Swap.  My block was called Inner Star and can be found here.  My color was navy.  Well I’m glad to say that I finished all of them and I’m ready for the swap.


My last goal was to place the corner stones on my Nostalgia Twist pattern test.  This has also been completed.  There are only two more rows left so I am seeing the light of a quilt top finish.  Denise is a gracious pattern writer.  When I let her know I needed a small break from this quilt this month to catch up on other things.  I only heard her say take your time, no rush.  I recommend that you stop by her blog and see her Vertigo-Burgoyne Surronded quilt top.  It is stunning.

She and I are confident that I will complete it.  So far the pattern was easy to read and understand and all the paper patterns were perfect.  I have no doubt that the rest will be the same.  Keep an eye our for the next row to be started right away.


The linky parties I usually participate in can be found by clicking this link.  Please visit them and see what others are up to leave some comments and encouragement.  There are many bloggers out there who share their tips, projects, and tutorials to inspire us.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.



21 thoughts on “August OMGs Achieved

  1. Are you going to quilt it yourself? I really wanted to be creative when quilting my top but thought it best to stick with a tried and true design. Feathers all over. It doesn’t do much for bringing out the design of the quilt but the back sure is beautiful. It really looks great.


    1. Hi Denise, Yes, I will probably quilt it myself.  My quilting skills are not a good as my piecing so I really don’t know what I will do just yet.  I will probably you tube and pinterest to death to try to figure it out.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  2. Hi Cherie! Oh, I love your Inner Star blocks. They look so great in navy. For the swap, will you get different colors back or how does that work? Happy Monday, friend! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi Roseanne, Twelve of us chose an envelop and in it was the pattern of the star as well as a color to do them in.  The background fabrics were to be low volume whites. I believe there are three or four different star blocks also.  When we swap in October we will each end up with 12 eight inch star blocks in different colors to make our own quilt vision.  What fun! Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey

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  3. Congratulations on completing your list! I’ve been okaying “catch up,” too! I love your blue blocks!! And as I’ve said before, I can’t wait to see Nostalgia!!


    1. Hi Lori, I’m just glad I’ve caught up with my projects.  I vow not to start a new one until I get some of these done.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  4. Your Quilt Club BOM blocks look fabulous! I love your fabrics … looks like a little bit of Kansas Troubles might be in your mix?? Glad your swap blocks are caught up too. Phew! Breathe a little sigh …


    1. Hi Sue, You are very correct.  There are a few Kansas Trouble fabrics in the mix.  Probably most of them, I picked them out all in the same section at the store.  I am ready to get the September block next week at our Quilt Club meeting.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  5. It’s such a great feeling to start getting some of the things accomplished that we’ve piled onto our plates! Your blocks look fantastic! And your quilt… WOW! I just love that punch of orange in the middle, and the blue and whites are just so crisp. I’m glad you were able to take a little break so you didn’t feel burn out!


    1. Hi Christine, I’m sure you know that paper piecing is quite tedious.  Tremendous results though.  Especially on such a large piece sometimes you need to break up the monotony and do a small project or catch up as I have.  Thanks for having the linky party.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  6. What beautiful blocks! I wanted to pick a “favorite” to comment on, but I couldn’t! They are all so beautiful! The pattern you are testing is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the link! Thank you for sharing!


  7. Wow, you’ve gotten so much done this month! Your BOM and your tester pattern are both just stunning. Congratulations on hitting your goals!


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