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Corner Stones

Hi Everyone and Welcome to My Blog,

I believe that when we are sent to this earth we are all blessed.  What we do with these blessings is really what our Lord is interested in.  I think we should be sharing these with others as He would like.

Today I would like to introduce you to a couple of friends of mine from my local quilt club.  Day and Becky Haaland @ Quilt Quest Adventures.  They are a husband and wife team who really know how to share their blessings.  They are accomplished quilters who bring amazing quilts to our show and tell each month.  I have learned that Day is involved with the process as well.  I am understanding that he helps her pick out the fabrics for their creations as well as cutting.  He also attends her club and guild meeting with her.  How lucky she is.


They have recently retired and now have time to share more of their blessings.  See those big smiles with the RV in the background.  She is  involved with QOV and has recently given a speech on it at her guild.  Along with this charity they are also involved with Scottie Rescue.

They have recently started blogging and I would like my quilt blogging friends to pop over to their site and take a look at their works.  Give them some encouraging comments to let them know that they are appreciated.

Now on to my progress.  I have been blogging about my pattern test of Denise’s Nostalgia Twist pattern for a while now.  After my last post about it, many have expressed that they couldn’t wait to see what I would do in the corners.  This block in her pattern is at our own discretion.  She does however, provide the pattern for a basket block.  I wanted to stay with my theme of this quilt being water, land and sky with the compass being the focal point that shows us the way.  So I have chosen a star block.  I found the free pattern on pinterest.  What would I do without it?  So without further ado, here it is.



The linky parties I usually participate in can be found by clicking this link.  Please visit them and see what others are up to leave some comments and encouragement.  There are many bloggers out there who share their tips, projects, and tutorials to inspire us.  I have learned much from them.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.



19 thoughts on “Corner Stones

  1. Love how you added the stars to the corners. The mountains, stars and Mariners Compass pull your sky, water, and land theme together perfectly! Good job, Cherie!!


    1. Hi Gwynette, I’m glad you can see my quilt vision.  My mountains maybe should have been green, but let’s just consider them Blue Ridge Mountains.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  2. Hi Cherie! Ahhh, a star. Perfect decision, don’t you think?!! The whole mariner’s compass, surrounded by some delectable mountains certainly need some guiding stars to steer the course! Beautiful, just beautiful. Happy Monday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. First, thank you so much for the “highlight” of our new blog page! Just as you said, I’m really enjoying the blogging community! As for that quilt, I cannot WAIT to see it in person!! Your work is fantastic and I look forward to the day to have those skills and that kind of patience!!


    1. Hi Becky, You are very welcome.  I hope you are getting some views and followers.  If you have any questions, just let me know.  I’ll bring my quilt top to the next club meeting.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


    1. Hi Dione, I did think about making the mountains green, but I wanted to try to stay monochromatic so the compass would be the focus.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  4. Stars in the corners are just perfect, whether viewed from the mountains or the seas! I love this quilt… it’s definitely going on my ‘Want to make’ list.


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