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July OMG Achieved



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Hi Everyone and Welcome to My Blog,

As per my blog post here, my courageous goal was to complete two rows on my Nostalgia Twist Quilt.  Last week I showed that I had completed the mountain blocks and was on to the next row of square in a square blocks.

I mentioned I purchased some newsprint paper to piece with which is all good.  I’m really enjoying. it.  I had thought I was getting a good deal on the paper I bought from Amazon for $9, but my lovely quilting friend also pointed out that it is even less expensive at Dick Blick Art Stores for only $3.79 online.  Unfortunately, we do not have a store in our state but for those who do nearby I recommend it if you are doing paper piecing.  Another friend said it was also available at Office Depot for $5.09 a ream.  We do have a couple of Office Depots near me so as soon as I have a chance I will stop in and take a look.  I’m not in a hurry though as my purchase should last a while.

I made a big mistake when I printed out the blocks.  I forgot to choose no scale in my printer options and it didn’t print them the correct size.  Of course, I didn’t realize what I had done until I had all the blocks done and sewed together.  When I placed them near the quilt, I have to admit that some unladylike words came out of my mouth.  No one was home to hear me so I suppose the only harm was to myself.

Square in a square block

So after some marathon sewing these last couple days, I’ve fixed the issue.   Low and behold, the fit perfectly.  I’m thinking that I could use the incorrect blocks and make a matching pillow.  Any how I got the 2 rows done and ready to add to the quilt.

Square in a square


The linky parties I usually participate in can be found by clicking this link.  Please visit them and see what others are up to leave some comments and encouragement.  There are many bloggers out there who share their tips, projects, and tutorials to inspire us.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.



38 thoughts on “July OMG Achieved

    1. Thanks Gwynette, I’m looking forward to getting the quilt finished.  Now that my mistake is in the past it’s full steam ahead.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


    1. Hi Denise, Thanks, I did see that when I was there.  I don’t know how I missed it.  I’ve updated the post with the link.  I guess I’ll chalk up those blocks to learning from my mistakes.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


    1. Hi Patty, Thanks for the fun linky party each month.  I really keeps me on my toes.  I really worked hard to get the finish in time.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  1. How frustrating on the printing error. I have to make notes in big letters on my quilting plans about printing my paper piecing parts, I’ve done the same thing one too many times. Your quilt is gorgeous!


    1. Hi Kate, I’m hoping I have learned my lesson from this and will always measure first.  I guess I was anxious to get to the fun part.  Thanks.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  2. Hi Cherie! I love, love, LOVE this! It is just SO darn beautiful, and the colors you chose. They are so rich. I’m sorry about the printing issue. Darn it, and then to not notice it until you had all of them made. Of course! It sounds like you have a plan for them anyway. I can’t wait to see what goes in the corners . . . Happy Tuesday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi Roseanne, I’m going to use the lemonade proverb.  “When life hands you lemons…”  While I was disgusted with my mistake I almost chunked them in the trash, but no.  I figured there would be something I could do with it eventually.  I am enjoying how this is coming out so far.  I have an idea for the corner stones.  I’ve chosen a different block than Denise to change things up a bit.  I Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kristie, I’m not as disappointed now that I’ve finished the new blocks and they fit perfectly.  I’m glad they weren’t difficult blocks.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  3. Gosh, so sorry to hear about the printer mishap. You have a good attitude about it though–use them on a pillow! The top is coming along beautifully. Thanks for sharing this on Wednesday Wait Loss.


    1. Hi Jennifer, You’ll never believe this but I’m making some HST’s for the corner stones and I made too many.  I guess the extras will also be on the pillow.   Best Regards,Cherie BurtonCherie’s Quilting Journey


  4. The quilt is looking fantastic! I’m so sorry for the printing error though. I’ve done that with a bag pattern, but not that many blocks at once! Unladylike words come out of my mouth with some regularity, but that would be next level words for even me! LOL! I’m glad it’s all fixed now!


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