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Cutting Around a Small Island

Hi Everyone,

During my week without my sewing machine.  I’ve been cutting up a storm.  My work area for this is a small island I have in my kitchen.  I am grateful for it.  It allows me to just walk around it when I need to cut from a different side without moving too much.  Some have suggested I use a rotating mat, but they are a bit pricy and I’d prefer to spend the money on fabric.

I was able to cut all my disappearing hour-glass blocks this way.  I made quite a few laps around the island.  I wish I could have burned more calories though.  They are ready to be sewn back together.

Squares cut

I’ve also been able to cut all the fabric for my Pinwheel Roundabout BOM.  The fabric selection page came with the measurements needed for each block from the yardage of fabric.  This will save a step each month having my fabrics separated into ziplock bags which are ready to go.

Fabric cut

I just couldn’t wait for my machine to come back from the shop so I pulled out my first sewing machine out of the closet.  It is a small Brother.  It doesn’t have a big enough harp space to do any major quilting but it sews a straight line pretty good.  I didn’t want to start sewing the disappearing hour-glass blocks.  I want to wait on my new machine for that but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to sew my strips for the Regatta QAL.  It makes an awful noise but I usually put some earphones in to drown out the noise.  Maybe I should put it in the shop as well once I get the other back.  Here’s what I have so far:


The linky parties I usually participate in can be found by clicking this link.  Please visit them and see what others are up to.  There are many bloggers out there who share their tips, projects, and tutorials to inspire us.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.





7 thoughts on “Cutting Around a Small Island

  1. I love that you’re doing Regatta with prints – I thought about that, but just don’t have the time right now. Hope the machines work themselves out!


  2. You’ve been a busy bee! Love the prints you chose for Regatta. So pretty! Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.


  3. Those are great fabrics for the Regatta quilt! I have 6 rows together. Lots to go! It sounds like you’ve made good use of your down time.


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