Monday Recap #2

Hi Everyone,

This past week has been crazy.  It is starting to get busy at work and that’s a good thing.  My Dad was ill this weekend but is doing better now.

My sewing machine’s warranty will be up on Friday so I’ve brought it into the shop today.  The owner will have some cleaning and maintenance done under the warranty this time so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.  I’ve been trying to do some FMQ with it but have had some tension issues that I couldn’t resolve.  I also purchased a Westalee ruler foot and it isn’t working with it.  I brought it with me, but I don’t really think they are going to work on that since it’s not the machine brand.  I girl could hope though.  It skips lots of stitches when I sew certain directions.  I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong.

I worked on my Pinwheel Roundabout block and would like to speak about that for a while.  The pattern called for Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Template B. It has all the sizes needed to cut my block out.  It trims the corners so there are no dog ears when I sew the patches together.  I don’t have a rotating mat, but I’m using a small cutting mat that I can just turn myself.  My friend said a small rotary cutter would work better than the 45mm one.  I may have to invest in that.

Template B

Here are the pieces and templates used in the spinning squares block.


And here is the block finished.  You can see last month’s block here.



Let’s take a look at how I did the last week.

  1. Continue on my disappearing hour-glass blocks. – I finished the blocks.  
  2. Make my quilt club BOM. – Done!
  3. Cut my contrast strips for the Regatta QAL. -Done
  4. Start quilting on my Stained Glass Quilt.  I’ve got an idea in mind. -Done

Well, how do you like that.  I was able to do everything I intended.  That’s great!

To do list this week:

  1. Since my machine is in the shop, I will focus on cutting.
    • Cut my hour-glass blocks into nine pieces each.
    • Cut out the rest of my block patches for my Pinwheel BOM.  I don’t get the actual block pattern until the beginning of the month, but the pattern came with measurement I’ll need of each fabric for the blocks.  So that may save me some time later.
  2. I do have my old sewing machine so if I really need to sew something I could use it.  I might be able to sew some Regatta Quilt strips together.


The linky parties I usually participate in can be found by clicking this link.  Please visit them and see what others are up to.  There are many bloggers out there who share their tips, projects, and tutorials to inspire us.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.





4 thoughts on “Monday Recap #2

  1. Do you feel like you have only one arm while you machine is in the shop? I take mine to a place where I don’t have to leave it. He does things to it while I go to lunch. LOL It’s a long drive, but I am happier doing it that way. It looks like you have plenty of cutting to do, though. I’m glad your dad’s sickness didn’t last long.


    1. I’m feeling lost and lonely without it. The shop I use has an inhouse tech and I can usually get it in and out pretty quickly. I had some snarling issues with it last year and was able to drop it off during my lunch hour and it was ready for me to pick up after work. I’m hoping it will be done by Friday, but if not I may just have to spring clean my house.


  2. My fingers are crossed they’ll work out the FMQ issues for you! I have yet to try those Westalee rulers, but I have them on a wish list! Your block is so perfect! Love that the template has the corners cut off so you don’t have to mess with the dog ears!


    1. Thanks, I am very hopeful to resolve my tension issues. As I mentioned about the rulers. I may never get that taken care of. I will try again after I get the machine back. I’m getting used to using the templates. I’ve always cut strips and blocks and made my triangles that way. But the templates are useful if you are using different size triangles in each block.


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