House-warming Gift

My son’s oldest and dearest friend has graduated from college and bought a house.  My son came to me and asked if I would make a quilt for him to give as a house-warming gift.  In the 20 plus years I’ve known this young man, he has come over and helped us out when we needed extra muscles on an outdoor or home project.

In August of last year, we had a flood.  Our home was fine but we rented an offsite storage unit for our overflow items and nearly 3 foot of water got in.  Needless to say everything was ruined.  I’m grateful that it wasn’t my home.  Most of the items were things we didn’t use much and wasn’t attached to.  It was a big muddy mess in there.  The items in the unit were slimy and disgusting.  The weather was 95 degrees and very humid.  Thankfully we cleared it out right away before the mildew set in.

This young man came with my son and we hauled everything to the dump.  This is just one example of the times he came to help.  This was probably the most difficult one since it was so nasty.  So how could I say no to the quilt request.  He is certainly deserving.

I have this jelly roll that I picked up on shop hop a while back and plan on doing an easy stack and flip quilt.


My mom is getting involved and helping out with some of the sewing as I have a couple other projects I need to finish or get going on.  I laid out the strips and separated the ones I want to use in the quilt and the ones I want to save as binding and handed them over to her to sew the strips together.  She will send them back to me when she’s done and I will snap some pictures to show you the progress.

I didn’t get quite finished with my Hunter’s Star quilt on my time off last week.  All the quilting is done and I am working on getting the binding on.  It’s nearly done.  I get so excited when I’m about to finish a project.  I didn’t take any pictures except of me cutting the binding strips.  I will keep you in suspense until the quilt is finished and have the big reveal.


That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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8 thoughts on “House-warming Gift

    1. Thanks. My vision is coming together for your pattern. I bought a few fabrics this weekend. It’s swirling geese in a storm flying to the heavenly oasis. I need a few more fabric choices to make it happen.


  1. Hi Cherie,
    Those strips look so pretty laying out, all in a row. That is so nice that your mom is able to help you out. Your son’s friend will love anything you make him – he will feel all the love you put in every stitch. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. stack and flip, I’m unsure just what that is. Is it like what we did with the charity quilts to sew the strips then cut sections out to turn and re-sew on?

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