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Current and Upcoming Projects

Hi Everyone,

I’ll link up to the Q4 of the 2017 FAL.

I have one project I’m sure I can finish, but I have a couple more that I might get lucky and finish. I haven’t even started them yet.  It all depends on how much of my off time I can spend on them.

This Hunter’s Star Quilt is the one that I will probably get done.  I’m quilting it now and will be binding when done.  I am hoping to give it away to my in-laws for Christmas.  There were affected by a flood in August of 2016 and lost most of their things.  It has been a slow process for them to recover.

Arrows done fleur cropped e

The next one is a Grandma’s Window I intend to make for a house-warming gift.  The recipient is one of my son’s oldest friends and is always available to help us when we need a little more man power for some project we have going on around the house.  I am using the Fons and Porter pattern exactly how it is written.  I don’t think I’m good enough to make any major changes and I just love ombre fabrics.  It must be the bohemian in me.  I just love the colors and can’t wait to start.

Fabric opened and pattern3

I purchased this jelly roll while on a shop hop a couple of months ago.  I purchased the shop pattern with it thinking I would make the shop quilt.  I was disappointed when I opened up the pattern and it called for a layer cake.  You’d think she would have told me.  Oh well, I’m thinking I will do a Stack N Flip quilt instead using a MSQC tutorial on You Tube.

Jelly Roll

Also when on the shop hop, I did end up purchasing a layer cake so I’m thinking that I’ll go ahead and try the pattern intended for the above.  I’m not certain that the fabrics will do but I’m hoping.  So this one is still a bit up in the air for me.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Fabric and Pattern1

I’m also linking up to My Quilt Infatuation

Well, that’s all for today.  Thanks for stopping by.



4 thoughts on “Current and Upcoming Projects

  1. Hi Cherie,
    Well, that is annoying the quilt shop didn’t mention that you needed a layer cake instead of the jelly roll. Cute fabric though – I’m sure you can find something for it. I have a tutorial for a jelly roll pattern that uses the whole thing called 16 patch and Framed 4-patch. It makes a baby quilt and I actually have made one. Delectable Dreams looks beautiful and that layer cake would be gorgeous for it. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Are the lights the light in the quilt? I know the bottom row of squares would work, with a white, and I think most of the top row would, too. But if the top row is supposed to go with the bottom row to make the blocks, I think it would be pretty blendy. More polka dots like the ones in the layer cake would work nicely as the bg, too. Quilting is always an adventure, even after decades! I really think your in-laws are going to be so pleased with that quilt. That kind of disaster … do people every fully recover when half or more of their lives are washed away? I bet they have a good attitude, though, and are getting on with life anyway.


    1. I see your point. It’s basically what I was thinking also. That’s why I haven’t committed to it yet. Thanks for the insight. My in-laws are making it. It took a lot out of them to be out of their house for 9 months while it was being made livable again. They were able to move back in to the house in May and getting back to normal.


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