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Arrows Finally Done

Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing well.  I’ve finally finished quilting the arrow blocks on my quilt.

Arrows done fleur cropped e

I’m still having tension issues on my machine, but for the assorted color blocks I went with the same color in the top and bobbin so it is not noticeable.  I’m not having eyelashes just dots showing.  A friend recommended I try a different brand of thread to solve the problem and I will give that a go.  I’ve seen so many recommend the Aurifil thread, but unfortunately I cannot find it locally.  I will have to order some online.  I’ll order white and black and then I’ll be able to see what is going on.  I believe it is in the bobbin and I am afraid to adjust the screw and make matters worse.

It wasn’t too long ago I had some snarling and brought my machine in and the tech fixed it by adjusting that.  I do have 2 bobbin cases already so if I get courageous and mess it up I would still have the extra one.  I bought the one that is supposed to be adjusted for quilting already but it didn’t help.

So this week I’ll be quilting diamonds in the star blocks.  I wanted to get started yesterday but I had to rake grass in the yard.  We had a really wet summer down here in Louisiana and couldn’t keep up with the grass cutting because my yard holds a lot of water.  There was so much grass, we couldn’t even finish yesterday.  I got pooped out and had to come in and cook dinner,  or at least that’s what I told my husband and he was gracious enough to let us finish it later.  Take a look at the piles we have already and we still have another tarp full to collect.

I’m linking this quilt up as One Monthly Goal October

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Well, that’s all for now.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day.



25 thoughts on “Arrows Finally Done

  1. Hi Cherie! WOWEEEEEEE – that is a LOT of leaves. Holy moly. That was a work out – you deserve some quilting time now. Your arrows look great! It sure is a pretty quilt. The pattern and fabrics are just terrific. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. The arrows look fabulous! Congratulations on getting so far. I saw you in the One Monthly Goal lineup and had to come take a look at your progress. That is a lot of grass. Maybe it would be worth investing in a grass catcher for the mower? Or maybe just a lawn service. LOL That probably costs more in LA than here in TN, and your yard has to be WAY bigger than mine, judging from the piles of grass!

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    1. Ha, ha. My husband seems to think the grass catcher would be too much work for him because he’d have to dump it after just a couple rounds. It probably would for him but not for me if I didn’t have to be out the helping. LOL


  3. Thats a lot of quilting to get through. I always dread tension problems because of the bobbin, I kind of close my eyes to it and like you where its a problem use the same colour thread. All the best for the next step.

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  4. I’m betting your summers are longer than here in Indiana. Meaning yard work might be keeping you busy. But then, there will be snow to shovel here in winter. Love your Arrows quilt! Did you change your needle recently? Once my tension problems was a simple needle change. And don’t be afraid of the bobbin tension. Google Helen Godden Bobbin Tension and watch her youtube, it might be of help overcoming fears.

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    1. It hardly ever snows here and if it does the ground is too warm for it to collect. I do not envy you shoveling snow, but would enjoy some cooler weather. It’s probably time for a needle change. I also ordered some new thread today as it was on sale at Craftsy. I watched the video you recommended and she certainly provided some good info. I will keep trying and maybe I will figure it out. I also thought I could bring the machine to the shop where I got it. There is an in house tech. Maybe he would work with me to get it right. Thanks for the comment. I hope you visit my blog again.


  5. So sorry about your tension issues. The quilt looks wonderful and so does the quilting but I so understand the need for things to be perfect. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.


    1. I have not given up fixing the tension issues. I will keep trying to get it right each time. I try not to be a perfectionist because I would be disappointed often. So I step back and say overall it’s not so bad.


  6. That’s a gorgeous quilt. Sorry to hear about the bobbin issues. I’ve heard many recommend Aurofil, but I’ve used Superior and find it to be really good too. I’d have to order Aurofil on line here in Australia too as my local shops don’t stock it.

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  7. Love the quilt. My sewing machine hated YLI thread. No matter what needle, tension etc that I tried it just snapped anywhere, and it was new thread too. But I’ve not had the same issue with other threads. I have a grumpy machine! Thank you 😀


  8. Love the quilt, and the quilting on the arrows. Sorry for the tension issues. Those always drive me batty. I do mess with both my top and bottom tension quite a bit, but when I turn the screw on the bobbin I only do it a quarter turn at a time. Sometimes I will use a ultra fine tip marker to make a dot where the screw line is before I start turning… It makes it easier to know where I started from. I just thought I’d throw that out there in case it helps!


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