Hunters Star Progress and a Little Family

Hi Everyone,

I’m very excited to share with you today.  I hope you will enjoy my post.

I’m currently continuing with my Hunter Star Quilt.  I’ve got all my blocks made and have laid them out on the floor of my living room.  Everyone is having to walk around them until I finish getting them all together.  They aren’t too happy about that, but they don’t complain much.  I had my son evacuated to my home during the storm so there is extra traffic.

We live in Abbeville, LA and didn’t get any destruction here.  The storm was more to the west of us.
I am very grateful for that, but am saddened by what has happened to our neighbors.  I have been through a few storms in my life living down here.  Only one caused damage to my property.  We didn’t have electricity for a week.  That was very difficult.  I didn’t have to evacuate very far, just to some friends home 15 miles to the north.  At least I was comfortable there.  I feel very badly for those in shelters.  I also remember the devastation when the hurricane hit in New Orleans.  It is just so difficult to shelter that many people.  It gets crowded and dirty quickly.

On to a better subject, my parents are going to Ohio next week to visit my dad’s sister.  She is also a quilter and we have been discussing our projects.  She is very supportive of my work and I am elated.  When she was visiting down here a couple months ago, she mentioned a quilt that my Great Grandma Wise made.  Since she had boys that are not interested in quilting she offered to give it to me.  I realized this was going to be a wonderful thing, but I had no idea how wonderful.

I’m told that GGma Wise did that applique, but she is unsure of the actual year. She did tell me that she passed away in 1970 at the age of 89 and she recalls that toward the end she was doing mostly crochet. So it was some time before that.  My Aunt had it hand quilted in 1980.  I am honored to receive this gift.

I am also including a couple pictures of her and my GGpa.  I don’t recall her as I would have been only two years old when she passed.

This must have been here as a young lady but I don’t know the date.  I will have to follow up with my Aunt and Dad to provide this for me. I will update the post when I have the info.  
 This was their wedding picture.
50th Anniversary.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as me.  Thanks for stopping by.
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