New Project: Hunter’s Star

Hi Everyone,

I had a wonderful weekend.  I did my first shop hop in Louisiana.  I convinced my husband to drive me.  That was no easy feat.  He did finally gracefully acquiesce and was my chauffeur for a day.  This hop lasts for 2 weekends and covers 10 shops.  There is a wonderful grand prize of a Baby Lock Jazz and a hand full of gift certificates.  Each shop has a door prize you can enter when you get your passport stamped.  All the shops were also giving away goody bags.  I purchased a pass for my husband also so I’m hoping if he wins anything he will give it to me.  It felt like Halloween and I was going shop to shop saying trick or treat with all the bags that came back home with me.  I made it to 6 of the shops with only 4 more to do next weekend.  I was pretty tired when we got back home travelling 600 total miles.  We had some bad weather while we were in the New Orleans area.  I noticed on the overpasses there were some flooding on the below streets but didn’t realize it was so bad until I got home and noticed pictures posted on Facebook.  I’m glad we didn’t have to drive in that.

My new project I’ve started is going to be a Hunter’s Star Quilt.  I’ve watched Jenny’s You Tube video a dozen times and I’m hopeful that mine will turn out good.  This is intended for a Christmas gift.  My chosen fabrics are Ophelia 10″ squares from Nancy Gere for Windham Fabrics. My contrast is Brick Red solid from Moda.

So far, I’ve cut the layer cake and yardage down to 5″ squares and laid them out on my makeshift design board.  Please excuse that I haven’t covered it properly yet.  I haven’t purchased the flannel yet, so I just threw some muslin over the top and started sticking.  I hope the colors are working well together.

The tutorial next instructs to make four patches.  So I laid a bunch out on the floor and this is what I came up with.

Next, I’m told to make half square triangles and trim them up. So I am off to that.  I will send an update once I get further along.  
Thanks for stopping by.  

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