Free Motion Quilting Continued

Hi Everyone,

I’ve finished the FMQ hills and ditches on my Sugar Bloom quilt in the white 1/2″ areas.  It is not perfect or even great, but I am please with the results so far.  As I worked through the whole quilt areas where I wanted this design, I did feel as though it was getting easier as I moved along.  This makes me very happy that I may conquer this new skill eventually.  All the blogs I have read are very encouraging as well as those who took to time to like my posts or comment on Instagram and Blogger.

I believe that the item of this skill that will take me the longest to win is keeping the stitch length even.  I am getting used to a sewing speed and rhythm that works for me and hope soon it will be easier.

So, on with this weeks trials.  There are areas on the white background fabric that are 2 inches wide.
I wanted to try something simple but different in these areas to increase my skill.  I’m not sure exactly what this design would be called but I doodled it on a couple papers I printed from my electronic book by Lori Kennedy “Free-Motion Quilting 1-2-3”.  I have found this book quite helpful. This was the design I choose that I was able to doodle fairly easily.  I marked some lines and dots to help keep my designs consistent.  Take a look at my practice.

I am finding that my machine does a better job moving from left to right.  I was tending to break threads when I would come back the other way.  Any suggestions if this is a machine issue or operator error?  Maybe it is something in my movements that aren’t quite smooth enough that is making this happen.

So as of this moment, I am working this pattern on my quilt.  Still as I continue to practice, It seems that it might be getting easier.  I have a full time job with an oilfield company so I can only devote a limited amount of time to this.  Usually, a few minutes after work, but not many with all the dinners and chores I have to do.  On the weekends, I try to get more done, but those chores get in the way again.  So it is slow going.  Never fear, I will complete this project and be proud of my accomplishment even if it is not the best.  Please take a look at my progress on the quilt.

I haven’t chosen a design to do in the colored areas and there are triangles on the corners as this quilt is on point.  I have consulted my book and started doodling.  Once I find a pattern that seems that I may be able to accomplish at my level, I will let you know.  

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.


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