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What?! Free Motion Quilting

Hi All,

I’ve been working on my Sugar Bloom Quilt as well as giving this FMQ thing a go.  First, I finished stitching (sometimes) in the ditch around all the seams in the quilt.  I thought that when I tried the FMQ in the white parts it would show the borders on that back.  I am hoping it will look alright. Take a look.


Let’s talk about Free Motion Quilting.  I have watched quite a few you tube videos as well as read Angela Walters and Lori Kennedy’s books on it.  However,  they make it look much easier than it is.  I am still optimistic and believe that in time it will get easier and better.  I do like to quilt using my walking foot using straight lines.

I am also seeing advertising on this ruler quilting.  I see will have to see about that.  Any thoughts?

So, I used the bobbin holder and sandwiches I made earlier and gave it a go.  I worked out most of my tension issues.  I will only be able to use the same color tread in the top and bobbin, but it doesn’t eyelash, only dots show on the top.  Cannot further adjust my tension on the bobbin to my knowledge so this will have to do.

I will show you those pictures, but please do not grade too hard.  It was only my second time.  I only did hills and ditches.  They were the easiest.  I encourage any suggestions from your experiences if I can do something differently that would help me out.

I sewed up 2 sandwiches and then decided I would try on the quilt.  I felt scared and excited.  Here’s how it’s going.


So once I finish putting the hills and ditches across the whole quilt, I have the 2 inch white strips to do something with.  Any free motion suggestions would be welcome.  Have a bigger quilt picture.


Thanks for stopping by.  I can’t wait to hear from you.




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