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Quilt Club and River Song Quilt

Hi All,

Yesterday I went to my local quilting shop, A&A Sewing in Broussard, LA for our monthly club meeting.  We had a guest speaker Mike Flynn with Quilting Treasures.  They are the oldest American fabric company.

He had a wonderful presentation on how quilt shop fabric is made in comparison to the fabric you can get from the chain retailers.  He mentioned that the better fabric is made in South Korea and showed us slides of the procedure as well as some historical pictures of the factory.

There were goodie bags and door prizes.  I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of my loot, but I did win a door prize.  It was a short bolt of their fabric which they also had on sale for purchase if you liked. Short bolts are the last bolt made from the roll of fabric when it doesn’t measure to 15 yards.  I also purchased another coordinating short bolt.  I’ll upload the pictures next time.

I’ve finished this wonderful quilt. Our quilt club has been invited for a show and tell at the Krotz Springs quilt show on July 8.  I am thinking of bringing this one but I am shy and not confident of my work just yet.  This is only my forth one so please grade me on a curve.  I would love kind suggestions to add to my processes if you have any to help me out.  I plan of giving it away to a friend that is getting married in August.  I hope they will like it.

This is my blocks.  I had a layer cake from RJR fabrics named River Song.  I cut them in half and snowballed the blue corners.  The blue fabric was purchased from A&A Sewing in Broussard, LA.  It is Moda.  I wanted the points to meet in the middle so I squared the blocks.

Here is where I was laying out the blocks on the floor in my living room.  I have got to get me a design board.  All this crawling around the floor was not to fun.

This is the final placement of the blocks.

Quilt top with the borders added.  I chose my favorite patterned fabric from the layer cake and purchased some yardage for the border and I also used what was left in the backing.  You’ll see that in another picture.  By the way, I purchased the layer cake and yardage from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I thought the confirmation email I got from them was the cutest thing.  They are the sweetest people there.  I had originally purchased 2 layer cakes of this collection because I wasn’t sure how big it would be and I was concerned that I might mess something up.  They kindly took the layer cake back that I didn’t use and exchanged it for the yardage.  It worked out real good.


Here are a couple of pictures of my walking foot quilting.  Please remember I am a newbie, but I think it came out well enough and am happy with it.

Here I was putting the binding on the edge, again on the floor, but please notice that I have the back of the quilt folded up so you can see that I’ve pieced the back as well.
Check back next time.  I plan on taking some final finished pictures.
Thanks for stopping by.

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