Sugar Bloom Quilt Top

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got the two sides of my quilt together last night.  This morning before work I squared it up.  This quilt is not square with the blocks.  Some of my seams were off and I cut the diagonal block somewhat off as well.  Oh well,  it will just have to do.  Maybe this is a good quilt to practice my FMQ on since it’s not perfect anyway.

I also, put together a muslin sandwich to practice the stipple on before I try it on the quilt.  I downloaded Free Motion Quilting by Angela Waters to see if there are any hints I could use in there. I think I’ve watched all the You Tube videos I can stand on the subject.  I saved a couple that I thought would be good to see again.  I ordered the slippery mat and gloves from Amazon this morning, so I should be all set.

The last time I tried to FMQ on my machine I found that my sandwich didn’t glide as easily as I’d had hoped. My stitches weren’t consistent and my curves had points on it.  I guess practice makes perfect or at least better, but I am not very patient.

Thanks for stopping by,



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